Monday Non-Shocker: Ohio Gets a D on the Political Corruption Report Card

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Ohio was getting an A until this douche came along
  • Ohio was getting an A until this douche came along

It's not exactly breaking news that iWatch News released today: Ohio gets a D when it comes to statewide political corruption.

In an article titled "Grading the nation: How accountable is your state?," all 50 of the nation's states are broken down by letter grades — just like you used to get in school.

And just like our algebra grade from back in the day, Ohio is somewhere pretty fucking dismal and you better get your shit together if you want to live in my house.

A handful of states — including Wyoming, South Dakota, and Georgia — scored Fs, so we guess things could be worse for us.

But that D is nowhere near New Jersey's B+ (we can't believe they scored that high either — they probably cheated).

The article breaks down each state's suckiness. Ohio's pay-to-play history and ethical gray lines have a lot to do with our low score.

We're guessing the recent Jimmy Dimora circus didn't much either.

But there are plenty of other factors going into the score that the study breaks down, including this helpful bit of info:

Still, it’s not so much the former presidents as others who have tarnished the state’s reputation, political or otherwise. Even its hallowed Ohio State University Buckeyes football team lost its coach, who tried to cover up knowledge of player violations of NCAA rules.

There's a whole bunch of wonkery going on in the report, which was pulled together by the Center for Public Integrity.

It's definitely worth reading if you have the time.

And maybe if we tried a little harder, and stopped spending so much goddamn time in front of the TV with those video games, we can get that grade up next time. —Michael Gallucci

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