The dates for next year's Cleveland Internation Film Festival have already been set (March 18-28, 2010). The announcement reminded us of a letter we got in response to coverage of this year's fest:

The Cleveland Film Festival for People who Wear their Sappy Hearts around their Necks like the Wu-Tang Clan has Bling: that is the name I would give the Cleveland Film Festival.

I object to your premise that the festival has something for everyone. All of the movies are basically the same (or at least the majority). Lets play adlibs for most of the movies. a poor woman named (put
weird spelled name here) struggles to find her identity in (third world country here) against the odds to become a successful (put meaningless job here). "a cute coming of age story" are you kidding me? That is definitely not for me or anyone who likes action and guns and babes and good stuff or at least a story line that hasn't been done by michael moore or some other starving artist.

I know this thing is supposed to be good for cleveland, but really the people in charge are just a bunch of stuffy old people waiting to die. To get back at their mean fathers they take it out on us with their all cry-baby and boo-hoo, and you can really learn a lesson from this movie nonsense. booooooo!! And I tried to tell them about this and they didn't even return my email!

If we really wanted to do a good movie festival for cleveland it wouldn't be a bunch of crap it would
be some sweet 3-d stuff with things people get excited about like aliens, or a dog that talks or trees that fight oru-kai, or sweet cars without vin diesel.

68fc/1241631327-zombie_2.jpgTo me, these types of movies are even worse than the formulaic hollywood movies because they lie to us all and say its art. It is definitely not hard to find someone struggling somewhere and document it. I see that crap in the newspapers and on the TV, why would I pay money to some bum to film it and tell me its art. bah! At least the hollywood movies give the masses what they want, even if it is the
same movie over and over again.

Heres a dare, look at the first three sentences of all the CIFF film reviews in the scene. I dare you to tell me that all those movies aren't about struggle or finding themselves or some other crappy sappy

Are they playing Zombie 2? Didn't think so, thats a foreign movie and its sweet as shit. A zombie fights a shark. will you post this rebuttal in your next issue? I can fix it up and add more rants.

Evan Langhorst

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