Morning Brew: Hobo Culture, Honda Celebrates, GOP Ads, and Rating the Accuracy of 'Hot in Cleveland'

First lesson of hobo culture: Sign making.
  • First lesson of hobo culture: Sign making.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you BeDazzle your thong.

— The PD has taken to judging the accuracy of 'Hot in Cleveland' episodes because Clevelanders are enthralled with analyzing Hollywood productions to see if our city is being depicted accurately. This week's roundup included this gem:

4. Though Joy's mother didn't drop in from across the pond, Elka raises her via Skype, much to Joy's dismay. "I'll leave you two alone," Elka says. "These tracksuits don't BeDazzle themselves!"

In Cleveland, BeDazzling isn't just a favorite sport of AARP members; it is a fashion statement embraced by young and old alike. No belt, pair of jeans or XXL thong is safe.

Truthometer: 100 degrees.

Reporter Andrea Simakis goes on to thank the show for sending her a t-shirt and "other swag." We can only assume that "other swag" meant "BeDazzled thong." Safe to say we're very happy for Ms. Simakis and her new apparel. (

— Peninsula recently hosted a hobo culture festival where we assume attendees learned how to make shoe soup, tie knapsacks on sticks, misspell words on signs in amusing ways, and jump on moving trains. Seeing recent economic indicators continue to plummet, Cleveland's considering a similar event for all residents next year. (

— Honda is celebrating 25 years in Ohio. No snark here, just praise for keeping some jobs in Ohio. (Business Week)

The Columbus Dispatch continues its series on campaign commercials. This time they look at the claims in the GOP's latest ad volley in the governor's race and the true facts that are naturally omitted from the spot. Warning: Involves numbers. (Dispatch)

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