Morning Brew: Renegade Alligators, LeBron's Worth, Lickable Greeting Cards, and Powerball Winners

LeBron: King of modesty.
  • LeBron: King of modesty.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you figure out how much you're worth to Cleveland.

— "Our economy is based on LeBron James." That line from the infamous Cleveland tourism video was equal parts joke and truth. From stores slinging jerseys and merchandise to bars and restaurants around the stadium, everyone stands to lose a little (or, a lot) of cash if LeBron ditches Cleveland. The Plain Dealer broke down just how much LeBron's worth to the city's economy. Verdict: Millions upon millions of dollars. Mike Polk would also take a monetary hit, obviously. (

— Who doesn't love a rogue alligator story? Media outlets love when they turn up in sewers, backyard swimming pools, or bathtubs. This time it was in a driveway by Ridge Rd. Police lured the 4-foot gator into the backseat of a cruiser and turned it over to wildlife officials. (

— Greeting cards officially got out of hand years ago. Some play music when you open them, some play personalized messages from the sender, all of them kind of suck. American Greetings is rolling out cards bearing various flavor strips. Yes, because that's exactly what you want for your birthday — a piece of paper that sorta-but-not-really tastes like a birthday cake instead of a real birthday cake. (

— An Ohio man who works in Detroit was part of a small group who hold a winning ticket in a recent Powerball lottery. He says he dreamed about winning the night before he won. Funny, last night I dreamed about robbing an autoworker who had won the lottery. (AP)

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