Mother Stabs Son, Chokes Daughter, In Westlake Hotel Freak-Out


Need something to distract you from the inches of water dumping down out of the sky? How about a little dumb criminal news, so you can swing your attention off Mother Nature's ongoing temper-tantrum and onto something a little less unpredictable and uncanny — like a mother recklessly attacking her own children with a knife. Distraction!

This news comes out of Westlake, where police responded to a call to a motel in the early hours of Sunday. According to the Sun News, Shaker Heights-native Andrea Young had allegedly turned against her own family in an intoxicated rage.

The 50-year-old allegedly choked her 22-year-old daughter, then stabbed her 27-year-old son with a paring knife. Young was so jacked-up on whatever substance had wrecked her common sense that the police had to call in back-up from Bay Village for an assist on the arrest. The paper also reports Young got physical while in custody, “at one point dropping her shoulder and pushing a jailer aside.”

Young's son was taken to the hospital, where he received stitches. The family says that the wig-out was uncharacteristic of Young and place the blame on her intoxication. Which just makes the story sad and troubling. Hopefully she'll grab the necessary help.

But in the meantime, Young faces felony charges: “felony assuault, domestic violence and disorderly conduct due to intoxication.”

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