Mr. Nice Guy: A Travis Haffner Spotting

LeBron may be King, but another Cleveland athlete gets our vote for Best Sport: Indians’ slugger, Travis Hafner. We spied the strapping 30-year-old in the company of a Pretty Blond and her little dog last Saturday, strolling through Rocky River’s lakefront park, just moments after sunset. As they approached the small playground, the buzz began. Within seconds, Pronk was surrounded by squealing 10-year-old boys (and a few girls) seeking autographs and pictures. Sure, Hafner has been struggling lately with his swing; but that didn’t seem to sour his mood. Not only did he smilingly oblige his young fans, but he posed repeatedly for a series of group photos with the kids, which were graciously taken by the Pretty Blond. It’s the happiest we’ve ever seen a group of young boys since Joey Rufner brought his sister’s thongs to Show ‘n’ Tell. -- Elaine T. Cicora
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