Mullets Arrested in Amish Hair Crimes (Updated)


Update II: The winding court case of the Amish beard attackers took yet another turn today. According to the AP:

Twelve defendants charged in beard-cutting attacks on fellow Amish in Ohio are challenging the constitutionality of the federal hate crimes law.


The challenges say the alleged attacks aren't religion-based hate crimes but internal church discipline not involving anti-Amish bias.

Um, sure.


Update: Father Mullet has spoken.

Sam Mullet, the leader of the breakaway Amish group responsible for the hair and beard trimmings that drew national attention and the father of two of the perpetrators, talked with reporters to explain a few things. Notably, that he didn't order the attacks, but that the attacks were perfectly reasonable and cops should allow his group to dole out the "religious punishment" as they see fit. And they just want to be left alone, you see?

“We’d like to get up in the morning, be left alone, live like normal people,” Mullet told reporters. “They won’t leave us be.”

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