Net Neutrality Advocates Go After Western Ohio Congressman with New Billboard

click to enlarge Net Neutrality Advocates Go After Western Ohio Congressman with New Billboard
Courtesy: Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future has been crowdfunding billboards to call out U.S. Congress members who have opposed net neutrality policies. With the telecommunications fight heating up under new FCC chair Ajit Pai, the billboard activism has intensified. This week, Fight for the Future takes its message to western Ohio, from which Rep. Bob Latta hails.

The messaging urges local constituents to get in touch with Latta's office and ask him what his intentions are with a potential net neutrality repeal. A September hearing in Washington will advance the fast-moving FCC plan. Congressional reps haven't been particularly vocal on the matter, nationwide.

We reported on the SJ Res. 34 vote earlier this year, for which Republicans in Ohio lent their support. At that time, Latta had received $91,000 from telecommunications companies and individual employees of those companies. (SJ Res. 34 reverses an Obama administration rule that protected your ownership of personal Internet data.)

Sen. Rob Portman also made off with $89,350 from the telecom world by the time he cast that vote. paints an easy-to-follow picture of how politicians' votes track with the sources of their recent campaign contributions.

The Internet data vote is a precursor for what sort of net neutrality repeal bill might land in Ohio's federal legislators' laps in the future.

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