Brett Hartmann sits on death row, awaiting an April 7 appointment with the lethal injection chamber for the 1997 murder of Winda Snipes. Hartmann has always denied stabbing Snipes over a hundred times and cutting off her hands in a brutal attack that occurred in her Highland Square apartment ("Deadline," March 25).

Strangely, another woman was also murdered in Snipes’s bedroom, in apartment #10, just a few years later. In 2000, Rachelle Greenwood was stabbed to death in that room by a man named Scott Henretty. Unlike Hartmann, there was never a question as to Henretty’s guilty, as he was caught red-handed, as it were. At the time, many wondered if Henretty, who also lived in the building, could have been the one who murdered Snipes as well. Police dismissed it as a coincidence, stating at the time that when Snipes was killed Henretty didn’t live there.

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