New Poll Shows Ohioans Would Support Immigration Law Like Arizona's

The first result when you do a Google image search for dumb and Ohio.
  • The first result when you do a Google image search for "dumb and Ohio."

Cleveland might be a progressive, loving, welcoming town built on the backs and hearts of immigrants grandparents — at least we'd like to believe that — but the rest of Ohio apparently is not so trusting. Half the state is basically below the Mason Dixie line and "half" voted for Bush, so that shouldn't be surprising.

In a new poll by Quinnipiac University, almost half of Ohio voters approve of the controversial, racial-profile-welcoming law instituted by Arizona which allows police to check on your citizenship if you don't look like you're a citizen.

45 percent said they would like Ohio to be as blindly xenophobic and profile-y as Arizona, even if the merits of such a law here are fuzzy, at best.

By 45-35 percent, voters say they'd like to see Ohio pass legislation similar to Arizona's. And, by an overwhelming 79-10 percent, they think boycotting Arizona because of its law is a bad idea.

The survey of 1,107 registered Ohio voters was taken June 22-27. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

With any luck, Ohio can be the state where you can not only be legally stopped by a cop who thinks you maybe, might be speeding but also because you maybe, might be an illegal immigrant.

Someone alert the tourism board!

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