News Flash: Almost Half of OSU Students Don't Finish In 4 Years

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Ultimate or class? Or drinking?
  • Ultimate or class? Or drinking?

So, how exactly is this good news? Ohio State University says 78 percent of its student body is getting out of school in six years. 53 percent are wrapping things up in the standard four year run. Is it really a big deal that students are getting out in six? The school trumpets on about how that 78 percent proves it’s “more selective” and attracts “students who are better prepared for college,” so says the AP.

But if you were really doing that, Ohio State, wouldn’t you be getting more people out in four? Look, college students, we know, those extra two years of binge drinking are an attractive option, but fast forward four years to when you’re pulling doubles at Outback to make those student loan payments and you’ll regret it. Trust us on this one, mate.

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