No, a title won't make Cleveland fans more depressed. But thanks for asking

"Man, I hope we don't win! I can't afford to go on Paxil!"
In advance of tonight’s second-round opener between the Cavaliers and Celtics, a blogger and former Clevelander penned a piece today suggesting that Cleveland fans would not be any happier – truly more content – if the Cavs somehow beat the odds, dispatched of Celtics, and went on to win the title. In fact, judging by his title, we’d be even “more depressed.” Because apparently we’re all depressed. He used to live here, I guess, and recalls how desperately Clevelanders thirsted after a championship. He says Cleveland believes that a title will bring it great, lasting joy, sort of like the time Ben Roethlisberger fell of his motorcycle, but with more confetti. And he says that we’re wrong to feel that way. “To think that my team winning is going to give me more than a short term buzz is just foolish,” he writes. Forgetting that his premise – that Cleveland believes any more than any other sports town that a title will bring it genuine joy – is pretty flawed, I’d argue that he’s really, really wrong. ...
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