d267/1238777644-fbi.jpgThe Cleveland branch of the FBI has been handed a silver platter a couple times this week. First, Duane Pohlman over at Channel 5 offers them a megaphone to broadcast new information about the Amy Mihaljevic case — over two nights — but they choose to hide behind “Justice Department regulations.” And today, Nancy Grace, the maven of grassroots justice, gave them a forum to talk about the Amanda Berry/Gina DeJesus/Ashley Summers cases, and the increasingly plausible notion that they might all have been taken by a serial killer. And what does spokesman Scott Wilson have to say? Citing FBI policy, Wilson declined to say whether there are persons of interest in any of the three cases.

When the media report on these cases, the FBI loves to say that we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about. The irony here is that if we are short on information, it’s because they will not share anything with us. And this is the real reason more and more of these cases remain unsolved for decades. — James Renner

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