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Letters published May 3, 2006

Updating the history lesson: Regarding East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer's letter of April 19:

Excuse me, Mr. Mayor: Since you claim to have an interest in African American history, why is it you seem blissfully unaware of recent American history? I'm talking about "Uncle Tom" Blackwell's energetic efforts to discourage and otherwise void minority votes in the last presidential election. The Republican Party is the party of the rich. Blackwell serves the Republican Party at the expense of the minority population.

Blackwell wants to belly up to feed at the trough right next to Cheney, DeLay, Gingrich, and other traitors, while wrapping himself in the flag or hiding behind the Bible. This is why he is referred to as an "Uncle Tom."

Excuse me again, Mr. Mayor: What is the racial demographic of the vast majority of your constituents?

A.C. Scott

Vocabulary list: This is in response to the letter from Mayor Eric Brewer defending Ken Blackwell.

First, let me say that he's right about how most black people who use "Uncle Tom" as an insult never read the book. It's inaccurate.

So, as someone who has read the book, let me use a better one: "sellout." Or how about "toady" or "stooge"?

Ken Blackwell has not done one damn thing to endear himself to black people. His accomplishments are a joke, and so is he. Stop being a kiss-ass.

Tony Houston

Not race, but politics: Leave it to Eric Brewer to try and put a racist spin on an article that merely pointed out every single bad call -- and there are many -- that Ken Blackwell has made while in office. The color of his skin had nothing to do with his bad ideas, but his own race certainly didn't benefit from many -- if any -- of his wonderful schemes. Is anyone really so foolish as to believe that he'll do anything to help the predominantly black, downtrodden areas of this state if he's elected governor?

And by the way, Eric: Before you criticize a non-African American person for calling someone an "Uncle Tom," you might want to remember that your own people have been known to use the term liberally when referring to someone of their own race who they felt was "in league" with the big, bad white man.

Next time, try making sense, instead of trying to make it all about race.

Marcie Sandine

Let Her Eat Dog Food
What big teeth you have, Grandma:
Did Granny Schneider call you "dear" and pray with you during your interview ["The $60 Million Pyramid," April 19]? Did her tales of courageously fighting behind the scenes for her investors give you the warm fuzzies? Did she mention the hundreds of elderly people whom she and her husband, Alan, fucked out of their pension funds, who have no money and are eating dog food? The real question is whether she talked you into contributing to her defense fund.

In fact, where is the money coming from to pay her lawyer, Ian Friedman? The word on the street is that he doesn't work for free.

Friedman says, "The question that now needs to be answered is how the Schneiders were able to operate without any one of these experienced professionals even hinting that what they were doing was wrong."

The real question is: "Just how can I divert attention away from my client, whose assets have been frozen and who is paying my fees?"

Maybe he is trading in his yarmulke and Joanne is giving him catechism classes in exchange for representation. It's great that the lawyers at Roetzel are being exposed and their part in all this brought to light, but please don't portray Joanne Schneider as a victim. She is a conniving piece of human debris, whose greed has ruined the lives of trusting people -- and she did it all in the name of Jesus.

Jack Richardson

Brat Alert
A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do:
Regarding "Two sides to tough love" [First Punch, March 22]: I'm the mom who was charged with child endangering. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever been through.

First of all, my snotty teenage daughter deserves to sit in jail for more than a few hours, and so do a lot of other youths I know. They have absolutely no respect or fear of adults or the law. They all need to be shown a lesson that no one seems able to give anymore.

The only thing my daughter saw was a cop screaming at me for not picking her up. What does that show my daughter -- that her actions were okay, and the bigger shame should have been on me, because I didn't pick her up in time? That she can call me no matter what, and I have to bail her out? No wonder kids have no sense of responsibility. They are never held accountable -- only their parents are.

I've raised three kids; the other two are fine. Then I have my 17-year-old, who just hasn't learned yet -- and obviously I can't get any help from the police. The prosecutor didn't even have the courtesy to look me in the face when I was explaining to him what happened. He just said that I refused to pick her up.

Maybe the cop should have called me and stressed the seriousness of the situation. Maybe he should have let me know how unsafe the Brook Park jail is and how we can't trust the police to protect our children.

All I know is, it's a sad state of affairs when parents and police are not in tune anymore, and parents are being blamed for everything.

Joan Gallo
Parma Heights

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