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Letters published Octorber 31, 2007

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"The New McCarthyism," October 17

McCarthy exposed the red in red-blooded America: There are two glaring flaws in Lisa Rab's article. First, it is premised on the false assumption that foreigners have an almost unfettered right to come and go in America on their own terms and with the minimum of inconvenience to themselves. This is patently wrong. For the edification of Ms. Rab, entry into America is a privilege, not a right.

As far as the situation with visas for scholars goes, what would perhaps benefit the U.S. is to bring more engineers and scientists here, not left-wing liberal-arts types who feel compelled to preach their brand of anti-Americanism to college audiences. Our kiddies have been stupefied enough by 12 years in the public schools, and American universities have more than an abundant supply of America-haters in their faculties without having to import more.

Rab's second failing is her use of the bogus term "McCarthyism." Contrary to popular myth, Joe McCarthy was correct in his major argument — namely that the government, particularly the State Department, harbored Commies and their fellow travelers, and that these people did not have America's best interests at heart. McCarthy's crime — at least from the point of view of the liberals — was that he exposed the traitorous nature of Communists and made it shameful to be one. In a sane world, monuments should have been erected for Joe McCarthy for this achievement alone.

Peter Skurkiss

If only he'd known the secret handshake! Joe McCarthy was trying to prevent this kind of evil from happening. Whether people want to realize it or not, America has been taken over by the very people Senator McCarthy was trying to stop. The Communists never went away.

McCarthy needed to go after the source of these Communists, and he didn't. He went after them in Washington, D.C., and Hollywood. He should have gone after them in their lodges and secret societies. This is where the Communists are coming from: Skull and Bones, Freemasonry, etc. So quit saying things like "The New McCarthyism."

Joe McCarthy was one of the last true American heroes. He was destroyed by the secret societies, and you people are still making the same mistakes. We would not have people like George Bush (either one) or Bill Clinton in government if McCarthy were allowed to do his job. We are now reaping the benefits of this great injustice.

Khrushchev said of America: "We will destroy you from within." He was right. We are being destroyed from within because these members of secret societies, who are all Communists (with the one goal of destroying America), are in power in the federal government.

Rick Ray

"Banking on D's," September 26

Pimp My Audi
Throwin' D's not just an urban thing: Don't know much about the author, but this article reads like it was mailed in from Bay Village. The info was good and the topic interesting, but the negative slant on urban things and hip-hop killed it. Needed more balance. L.A. averages 1,000 homicides per year, so saying that 10 were related to Daytons doesn't really say much. Just seemed like every effort was made to make the culture look bad. They buy Daytons in Beachwood too, man. Go to a car show, and you'll see where most of those hot rods come from.

Demetrius Ivory
Cleveland Heights

"Told You So," October 17

Don't Flick Your Bics
A winning season would light up his world: As a 40-year Tribe fan, I have to disagree with Gus Garcia-Roberts' contention that Tribe fans would "torch the stadium" if the Tribe followed the Marlins' strategy of "spend for one successful year, then hold a fire sale." I have suffered through numerous poor seasons without a World Series title and would gladly support a poor team after winning a title. Look at the White Sox — World Series winners in 2005, behind the Royals in 2007. Ask any long-suffering Tribe fan — we'd take that in a heartbeat.

Tim Flenniken

"Good Ol' Grill," Café, October 17

Geezer Pleaser?
The Grill delights both young and old: I read your review of The Grill at Bainbridge Commons and want to take exception to your characterization of a diner appealing mostly to "geezers." Obviously, Ms. Cicora has never visited a diner with a menu that appeals to all ages, with quality food and eclectic items one would usually associate with an upscale eatery.

I have eaten at The Grill on numerous occasions and have found the selection and consistent high quality of the food to be very impressive (chicken roulade, bouillabaisse, stuffed salmon, clambake). I prefer the adventurous approach to dining, rather than focusing on what may have been a one-time omission of seasoning on the surf and turf.

Overall, while Ms. Cicora's review is mostly positive and gives The Grill its due, it is a shame that she needed to dwell on the negative.

Howard Cash

Due to the fact that we're not very smart, Scene misidentified the lead actor of The Drowsy Chaperone in last week's review ("Center Stage Smartass," October 24). Jonathan Crombie, not Mark Ledbetter, played the Man in the Chair. We regret the error. Promise.

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