NY-Based Photographers Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb Bring Workshop to CMA

In conjunction with her exhibition, My Dakota, currently on view at the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA), noted New York-based photographer Rebecca Norris Webb is coming to the museum with her husband Alex Webb to lead a weekend-long photography workshop, as well as a special, free presentation on their collaborative and individual work.

My Dakota explores Norris Webb’s home state of South Dakota after returning in 2005. Following the death of one of her brothers in 2006, her work changed, and the series evolved into both a memorial to her brother and an attempt to capture the essence of the inhabitant’s effect on the land and the land’s effect on its people.

“My creative journeys typically start with an image I see in the world – sometimes once, sometimes repeatedly – an image that for some reason gets under my skin,” explains Rebecca Norris Webb.

July 17 - 19, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb lead an intensive workshop to help amateur and professional photographers alike. Projects include an editing exercise, a choice between an optional photography editing assignment or long-term project review, as well as visits to the CMA’s galleries; including a guided tour of My Dakota.

“Rebecca and I hope that taking this workshop helps people begin to figure out who they are as photographers,” says Alex Webb. “All of us are assaulted by images daily. In the face of this, how does one connect with one’s inner self to perceive the world on one’s own terms, not on the terms of others? We hope our workshop will help participants begin to answer this question for themselves.”

Registration for Finding Your Vision is $500; $400 for members. Register online or by calling the museum.
Following Friday’s workshop, Webb and Norris Webb present Slant Rhymes a free presentation exploring their collaborative work, as well as Webb’s Aperture monograph and Norris Webb’s third book, My Dakota.

“Now having worked collaboratively on three joint books, including more recently Memory City and Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb on Street Photography and The Poetic Image, we’ve slowly learned how our photographs talk to one another,” explains Norris Webb. “This is sometimes thanks to a shared palette or tone, sometimes thanks to our shared affinity for surprising or surreal moments, and sometimes thanks to something more elusive and mysterious that we don’t fully understand. That said, since our photographic styles are quite different, Slant Rhymes is a fitting title to describe our joint work.”

Asked what advice they would offer to aspiring photographers, Rebeccca Norris Webb states, “Learn to listen to your photographs. They are often wiser than you are.”

Alex Webb adds, “Believe in yourself and follow your photographic obsessions wherever they may lead you.”

My Dakota remains on view at the CMA during regular Museum hours through Sunday, Aug. 16.

(Cleveland Museum of Art) 11150 East Blvd., 216-421-7340, clevelandart.org
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