O'Brien Factor: Kevin Explains Away Ken Blackwell's Whoring

We read Kevin O'Brien so you don't have to ... Column: "We're all paying and paying for Florida's 2000 election meltdown" Topic: Voting machines. Kevin's Sanity Level Today: 77 percent What Your Head Would Feel Like if You Read it Yourself: Not that bad. Think of sharing a cab with Joan Rivers, though you’re periodically stuck in traffic and she’s wearing a lot of perfume. Charting Kevin's Logic: 1. Kevin finds amusement in Ohio’s voting problems. After the 2000 Florida elections, everyone went weird and bought complex electronic machines. Come to find out, these machines don’t actually work. 2. Unfortunately, innumerable studies showed they didn’t work before we bought them. But the manufacturer, Diebold, was unloading some serious coin on the Ohio Republican Party. So former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell ordered a huge purchase. 3. But let’s not dwell on that. You see, Kevin is a Republican partisan. And the first rule of Republican partisans that you always complain about wasteful government spending – except when it’s your guys who are doing it. 4. Besides, the real villain here is the new Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, who has this really weird notion: She wants people to be able to trust Ohio election results. 5. Sadly, this will cost a lot of money. Because Brunner is now saddled with the fallout of Blackwell’s whoring, “All that’s required for a smooth transition is another ton of public money down the rathole,” writes Kevin. 6. Final conclusion: Blame it on Florida.
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