Occupy Cleveland Gets New Permits, Can Remain Close to Public Square

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If you're wondering about the latest news on Occupy Cleveland, and who isn't — Is that guy waiting for the RTA? Or does he hate my uncle who works on Wall Street?here's an update for you.

The city granted the Occupiers new permits that, while not allowing them to protest on Public Square, will allow the group to demonstrate on sidewalks and set up one canopy on West Roadway as long as it's 10 by 20 feet or less, all until October 31. At that point, the city will probably allow them to stay again, but only as many protesters as can fit under one umbrella.

Over the weekend, 11 protesters were arrested as Occupy Cleveland's permits ran out in advance of the planned holiday decoration installation on Public Square. All were released on personal bond.

In a release yesterday, Occupy Cleveland objected to the city's restrictions on demonstrating on Public Square, which is a democratic area according to the group.

"Occupy Cleveland is willing to compromise within reason, however, the original permitted 120-foot sidewalk space quickly became inadequate for the movement; and was the impetus for the group's attempt to move to a quadrant of Public Square. Occupy Cleveland will continue to engage in peaceful, civil disobedience demanding a permanent home as reclaimed democratic space where the movement can develop and grow."

Here's a question: Come October 31, how will cops know who is an actual Occupy Clevelander and who simply dressed up as one for Halloween?

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