Occupy Cleveland Granted Permits for Tents


Public Square is ground zero for Occupy Cleveland. So far it's been covered with signs, chalk drawings, and other artistic flourishes as protesters camp out. Now, there will be tents.

The City of Cleveland granted protesters permits that will allow them to put up tents (limited to 10 feet by 10 feet) to shelter the Occupiers from the elements and the glares of workaday Clevelanders muttering "get a job" under their breath.

NewsNet5 reports 50 tents are up so far, and if you thought the protesters' faith was wavering, at least one fella plans on living in front of Tower City through winter.

“The weather is going to get cold and we do not plan on leaving anytime soon, so yeah I mean I plan on being here through the winter because I know change isn’t going to happen anytime soon," Bowen said.

Christmas time in Cleveland might look a little different this year. Less A Christmas Story, more refugee camp.

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