ODOT Recommends Ear Plugs for People Living Within Earshot of Overnight Inner Belt Construction

Beautiful, but best enjoyed with earplugs.
  • Beautiful, but best enjoyed with earplugs.

ODOT wants to begin three weeks of overnight work on construction for the Inner Belt bridge. The city of Cleveland has to approve the move; it'll do so after judging just how much noise the pile driving will cause.

Not that much noise at all, says ODOT. And by not much noise at all for their sleeping Tremont neighbors, they mean some. Here, they even have a comparison all handy. Via Cleveland.com:

For those folks, the pile-driving noise outside will be as loud as a vacuum cleaner at nine feet, ODOT said.

The noise will be reduced behind closed doors and windows, ODOT officials said. They suggest residents closest to the valley might want to use ear plugs or noise-canceling headphones at night.

"We feel that the work is far enough away that it will not be impactful on Tremont and its residents,'' said Myron Pakush, head of ODOT's Cleveland area office.

A vacuum cleaner at nine feet? That's freaking annoying. "Just wear earplugs"? Who's going to strap on noise-canceling headphones to sleep?

Here, we have a solution: the aforementioned Myron Pakush lives on Elmwood Road in Rocky River. If the city approves the round-the-night hammering, let's all grab vacuum cleaners and stand nine feet from Pakush's bedroom window while the head of ODOT's Cleveland office tries to sleep. Hey, we'll bring earplugs, just in case he needs them.

And no, Myron, we will not be sharing our hot cocoa.

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