Oh, the Things Clevelanders Googled the Most in 2018

Oh, the Things Clevelanders Googled the Most in 2018
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Just in case you forgot, all of your Google searches are being tracked (yes, they see you typing in things like "Is the weird thing on my back cancerous?"). And the internet search engine has just released this year's data of the most common words typed into their search bar.

Compared to last year's searchers, here are the Top 10 Google searches in Cleveland of 2018:

1. World Cup
2. Black Panther
3. Anthony Bourdain
4. Aretha Franklin
5. Mac Miller
6. Hurricane Florence
7. Kate Spade
8. Khloe Kardashian
9. Xxxtentaction died
10. Urban Meyer

All said, it appears Cleveland really does care about soccer, at least every four years or so. A Kardashian making the list is no surprise either, especially one who's dating Tristan Thompson, the most Googled athlete in the country (sorry, LeBron), playing for the most Googled sports team in the country (Go Cavs!). That Urban Meyer is so low on the list is a bit surprising after the wild year he's had, but perhaps he's not too thrilled about making the list in the first place.

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