Ohio Authorities Now Questioning Canton Woman's Dangerous Poop Juice Cleanse

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[image-1] Jillian MaiThi Epperly, a Canton woman who's convinced thousands of internet followers that her homemade poop-inducing cabbage concoction can potentially heal all ailments, including cancer, Down Syndrome and autism, is now the subject of an Ohio Attorney General's office investigation.

Following a March BuzzFeed News report that called Epperly out as a fraud, and after receiving two more complaints against her, the Ohio AG's office has decided to investigate, telling BuzzFeed that its Consumer Protection Section requested “written data, reports, and evidence regarding claims made on jillyjuice.com and in testimonials." from Epperly.

While we don't have the exact document sent to Epperly, who is not a doctor of anything, she was kind enough to post a video explaining its contents.
Turns out the Ohio AG, just like the rest of us, wants to understand some of the most ridiculous claims that Epperly espouses, such as evidence suggesting that following the poop juice cleanse could bring about limb and organ regrowth, reverse the aging process and LGBTQ behavior. Most of all the office wants to understand how she can claim all of this without an iota of medical training.

Epperly has until May 13 to reply to the state.
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