Ohio Church and Stripclub Mend Fences; Hearts to Go With Jesus, Bodies With the Foxhole (UPDATE)

These ladies lecture strippers on Jesus.
  • These ladies lecture strippers on Jesus.

Update: Sadly, the face-to-face meeting between Pastor Dunfee and Foxhole owner Tommy George has failed to bridge the gap between the two parties. Dunfee claims the only solution is for George to shut down and that he'll have his flock protesting in the Foxhole parking lot until that happens. George is likely to keep suggesting that his strippers set up shop on the church lawn every Sunday. No one is winning.


It was just last week that the Foxhole club in Warsaw and the New Beginnings Ministries church were national news for the protests and counter-protests between strippers and the church's flock.

The congregation had camped out for four years at the Foxhole parking lot, intimidating patrons, threatening to post pictures of faces and license plates, and generally making a nuisance of themselves in hopes that they could shut down the stripclub.

The strippers, in the best example of 'tit for tat' in the history of mankind, then started protesting on Sundays in front of the church, cooking hot dogs, wearing bikinis, and generally looking like strippers.

It seemed the two sides would never come to an agreement, one intent on continuing to peddle sex and the other intent on continuing to feel guilt about it and pretend it doesn't exist.

While both sides plan on continuing their protests in the future, they came together Sunday peacefully to talk and what could have been a loss for both sides turned out to be a mutual victory.

Sheri Brown, who preaches all things Jesus to strippers in California, and Anny Donewald, a former stripper who now bares only her soul, brokered a sit-down between Pastor Dunfee and Tommy George, the owner of the Foxhole.

After Sunday's service, women who attend the church hugged it out with the protesting strippers on the lawn while their husband's undoubtedly looked on with wild girl-on-girl fantasies running through their heads. The Columbus Dispatch has the details:

One by one, women from the church began filing into the street, hugging the strippers and apologizing to them, leaving both sides brimming with emotion.

"The girls inside really had an impact," New Beginnings member Kim Johnson said of the sermon by Brown and Donewald. "They made me realize I need to be more compassionate."

Dunfee was one of the last people out of the church. He went straight to stripper Laura Meske, who identified herself only as Lola in a Dispatch story last Monday.

"You think I'm a whore," Meske told Dunfee before finally accepting his embrace. "I'm not. I'm trying to take care of my kids."

Although both sides agreed to sit down together Wednesday, neither leader seemed willing to declare the end of the moral war.

And if that sounds like both sides lost in this battle, consider the tale of Gina Hughes, an employee at the Foxhole. She was one of two strippers who "accepted Jesus in their hearts," according to stripper mediator Sherri Brown.

Hughes confirmed her spiritual turnaround but said she'll be staying at her job.

"Our hearts are with Jesus, but our bodies are at the Foxhole," Gina Hughes told the paper.

See, both sides won.

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