Ohio GOP Starts 'Getting to the Heart of it All' RV Tour ... By Sending Candidates' Wives to Campaign

click to enlarge Ohio GOP Starts 'Getting to the Heart of it All' RV Tour ... By Sending Candidates' Wives to Campaign
Mike DeWine's Twitter Account

The Ohio GOP started their "Getting to the Heart of It All" tour yesterday, the party's traveling campaign on an oversized vehicle not unlike the Democrats' #PeopleFirst bus. But the major difference between the red and blue campaigns are who will inhabit these touring vehicles. The Democrats have candidates traveling by buses to meet Ohioans in order to talk about their stances on important issues. The GOP?

They're sending their wives.

Fran DeWine, Tina Husted, Darlene Yost, Lauren LaRose, Andrea Faber, Amanda Sprague and others as are traveling the state to rally Republican voters to the polls. The tour, paid for by DeWine Husted for Ohio, arrived in Chagrin Falls today at The Popcorn Shop, in what appears to be the closest rallying location to Cleveland.

The GOP sending their wives out to campaign on an official tour demonstrates some of the key differences on gender between the two parties.

The Republicans have an exclusively male ticket and are sending their wives out to campaign together like it’s the 1950s. Meanwhile, the Democrats are electing women up and down the ballot, including two on the statewide ticket, and are actively trying to put women in positions of power.

In the Ohio House of Representatives, women make up just 15 percent of the Republican side compared to almost 40 percent for the Democrats. Ohio’s Congressional delegation includes just three women, all of whom are Democrats.

Since the 2016 election, marginalized voices have been pushing harder than ever before to be heard, and that includes running for elected office. Legal decisions about women's health are still being made by people who are not women, and Ohio's Republican ticket for the 2018 election would keep it that way. It wouldn't be such an issue if the sponsoring candidate, Mike DeWine, didn't already have such a sordid relationship with women's rights.

Dewine has been in opposition to a woman's right to choose, even in cases of rape or incest, and supported the controversial Heartbeat Bill. He's voted in opposition to women's health care, including pre-existing condition protections, without which, women could be charged more for the same insurance simply because they are a woman. DeWine spoke in opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, as well as expansions to family and medical leave.

While the intentions are probably in the right place, having wives support their husbands this bus tour shows how the Ohio Republican ticket views women —as wives not candidates.

If that's not strange enough, while the women are on tour, they're using their male counterparts' Twitterfeed to promote the event and offer updates...
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