Ohio Memorial Day Weekend Traffic May Suck More Than Usual

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Ohio Memorial Day Weekend Traffic May Suck More Than Usual
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Holiday road travel has the potential to make you want to tear your eyeballs out normally. But 2018's Memorial Day Weekend could be especially terrible traffic wise, thanks to a potent combination of more travelers and more road construction.

The Ohio Department of Transportation said in a press release that nearly 1.5 million Ohioans are set to travel this weekend. At the same time, the department also admits that this is a near-record year for road construction state-wide, with $2.35 billion being pumped into nearly 1,000 projects.

Naturally, Ohio is not alone in its travel trajectory. AAA reports that more motorist are estimated to travel this weekend than in the last 12 years prior. Meaning those Ohioians looking to head to the Carolinas or even Florida, fave vacation spots for the Buckeye state, could be in for some incredibly long wait times.

As far as Ohio goes, expect big traffic delays outside of every major city, including on I-271 in Cleveland and Akron's I-76, which both have some gnarly construction.

In general, we recommend leaving as early as possible and creating an awesome playlist for the trip. 
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