Ohio Paper Writes About John Legend Because They Can

John Legend: Featured on pages A1, A5, B2, C7
  • John Legend: Featured on pages A1, A5, B2, C7

If you work at a small-town paper and your small town happened to be the home of a huge superstar, you would probably try to write about him/her with some amount of regularity, mostly because whatever they're doing is more interesting than the fight over an ordinance to paint all see-saws pink or whatever is going on in the real world. Also, pageviews! Milk that virtual fame-teat for all it's worth, right?

Take the Springfield News Sun in Ohio and John Legend as an example. Legend's from Springfield. The News Sun covers Springfield. Not much happens in Springfield. Write about John Legend! That's an easy logic path.

But what if people start to notice that you write about John Legend an awful lot? Well, you have a good answer prepared for that and you tell them what it is, just as long as there's no new John Legend news to print.

Let's go to the block quote machine and see what they had to say in a piece entitled: Why do we write so much about John Legend?

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