Ohio Ponies Up $800,000 to Combat Ebola In-State

The Ohio Controlling Board today approved $300,000 in emergency requests from the Ohio Department of Health. That money will fund protective equipment in the fight against Ebola. The board also approved $500,000 to pay Cincinnati-based Absolute Bio-Recovery Services for cleanup and disposal services, were Ebola to break out for real in Ohio. Most of the funding comes as federal dollars.

The state will now make sure that every hospital in Ohio has enough gear on-hand for one "patient day," the standard measuring unit for how much equipment is needed to maintain one patient in a hospital for one day. In all, the new purchases guarantee 96 patient days' worth of safety statewide.

Safety concerns spread like wildfire after Ebola patient Amber Vinson spent time in Northeast Ohio in the days leading up to her diagnosis in Dallas. Family members, friends, and people who shared her flight are all being monitored (or self-monitored). Three people have been quarantined. The incubation period to watch out for symptoms of the disease is 21 days.

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