Ohio puts its wallet behind the biggest charlatan, Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney: Steadfastly committed to whatever you want him to be
Speaking of bad news, The PD carried another illuminating story on Saturday. Reporter Sabrina Eaton followed the trail of campaign cash leaving Ohio for the various presidential campaigns. And given our history of electing charlatans, thieves, and discount bullshit artists – producing the worst government this side of the Gaza Strip -- it comes as no surprise where most of that money’s going: The treasury of Mitt Romney. Say what you want about the field of remaining candidates, but it could be much worse. Not one is even close to being as dumb as the current president. And even the most conservative, Mike Huckabee, harbors a fairly wide populist streak. But Ohio, quite naturally, decided to send $1.4 million last year to the most untrustworthy guy in the field: the Republican Dennis Kucinich…
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