Ohio Ranked Low for "Driver Friendliness"

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These guys ruin driving. Every time.
  • These guys ruin driving. Every time.

What is "driver friendliness" exactly? According to the National Motorists Association, it means having few speed traps, roadblocks, construction, and not giving out too many tickets.

The National Motorists Association, by the way, is described thusly by The Car Connection, who wrote about the study: "a group devoted to libertarian driving laws. (Translation: higher speed limits, no DUI roadblocks, and the elimination of traffic cameras.)"

So, yeah, those are our kind of people.

Too bad they've found Ohio to be a crappy place to get around quickly. Just the sort of news you want to hear as you hop in the car for some holiday weekend travels!

The study looked at 17 simple issues like the ones mentioned above. Ohio, with New Jersey, was one of the worst. Not that you needed any confirmation of that after spending any time at all on the Ohio turnpike recently. It just means that if you want to get around Ohio fast, you just have to speed that much more.

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