Ohio Red Cross Giving Away Car or Horse-Drawn Buggy, Your Choice

Honey, I dont want the Lexus. I want the buggy.
  • Honey, I don't want the Lexus. I want the buggy.

The Ohio Red Cross is looking to spur a wave of new blood donations and are using incentives to do so, and we're not just talking about cookies this time, though those can't hurt.

No, they're giving away a vehicle. We say 'vehicle' and not 'car' purposefully here because the Red Cross wants every subsection of Ohio's population to willingly offer up their veins for the good cause and if you only offer a car, well, then the Amish could really care less.

Which is why they're presenting two options to the grand prize winner: a car or a custom-made horse buggy. According to the AP:

To spur blood donations, an Ohio Red Cross chapter is offering people who give a pint of blood the chance to win a car or a horse-drawn buggy.

Spokeswoman Christy Chapman in Cleveland says the Red Cross didn't want to leave its many Amish donors out of the giveaway. The organization's Northern Ohio blood services region includes three counties with one of the nation's largest Amish populations.

The Red Cross regional operation has a board member who is Amish and who is arranging to have a buggy custom made for the contest, which wraps up Sept. 6.

Blood donors who prefer a more modern mode of transportation can win a 2010 Nissan Versa.

Though not made clear in the story, we can assume the buggy comes sans horsey. If horse is included, however, you should definitely go for the buggy if just to see your neighbors' faces when they encounter mountainous trails of sweet-smelling horse dung on your quaint residential street.

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