Ohio Secretary of State Says Provisional Ballots Could be Ohio's Version of Florida's Hanging Chads


Disputed, miscounted, or otherwise effed-up provisional ballots could be Ohio's version of Florida's hanging chads. At least that's what Secretary of State Jon Husted is worried about. And with provisional ballots — as many as 105,000 were cast statewide in 2010 — possibly being the focus of a close, contentious 2012 election, Husted testified that Ohio needs to get its act together.

SB 148, for which he was testifying, follows his recommendations to be un-Florida-like, including giving voters better access to online registrations where they could change their addresses and info, unifying how Ohio localities deal with provisional ballots, and more. Via the Dayton Daily News:

“I am concerned that in a close election, what punch cards were to Florida in 2000, provisional ballots will be in Ohio come 2012 if we do not strike the right balance and work together to provide uniformity in the casting and counting process,” Husted, a former Dayton-area lawmaker and House speaker, told the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee.

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