Ohio Speaker Bill Batchelder Not the Best at Taking Care of His Medina House


As speaker of Ohio’s House of Representatives, Bill Batchelder has made it his specialty to ram through popular issues like the recently overturned Senate Bill 5 and everything that makes women hate Republicans.

Yes, the 30-year servant is a busy man around Columbus. But what of his down time in his hometown of Medina?

One would think that upon returning for the weekend, he might catch up on a few projects in need of attention, such as picking up the garbage cans strewn about his lawn, fixing broken railings and downspouts, or perhaps picking up a bit of the accumulating trash.

But one would be wrong.

Batchelder’s 125-year-old Victorian abode, fashioned in early Addams Family style, looks more like a ramshackle Halloween display these days, complete with piles of leaves and grass clippings dumped in the cluster of trees near the sidewalk.

Do-it-yourselfers would marvel at Mr. Speaker’s frugal craftsmanship in transforming a former campaign sign into a handsome plug for a hole in the wooden trellis on his porch. And few would question his handyman skills, based on the expertly duct-taped shoes he has been known to sport around town.

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