Ohio Takes a Low Spot on Well-Being Index

Well-being, so says Google Images.
  • "Well-being," so says Google Images.

According to our rough estimate, it’s been about 6.7 days since Cleveland or Ohio were last slapped onto some ranking list. We know you’re probably feeling a little skittish having gone that long without a random web site crunching number through a specious quantitative process to evaluate how your geographic locale (and therefore value as a human being) stocks up against the rest of the country. Fret no more:

Yahoo today is reporting on the findings of a telephone study conducted by the Gallup-Healthyways Well-Being Index in 2010. The study included cold-calls to 352,840 people across the country and included a laundry list of survey questions that supposedly determine an individual’s well-being. The results were complied into a final well-being score out of 100 points.

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