Ohio Third Worst In Job Loss During Last Decade, Hemorrhaging 525,200 Jobs

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Youve lost a lot of jobs, Ohio. Ohio: No shit.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: "You've lost a lot of jobs, Ohio." Ohio: "No shit."

By this point, we know Ohio's job situation is and has been bad news. Ohioans really don't even need the numbers any more to give harsh statistical reality to the economic carnage that everyone's been witnessing around the state, day after day, for the last ten years. Ohio's been living the reality.

That being said, there's fresh numbers that show just how screwed the Buckeye State has been for the last decade.

According Columbus Business First, the carnage is among the top three in the nation.

New figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics put Ohio’s private-sector job losses in the past decade at 525,200, the third-deepest plunge in the nation.

Ohio stood behind Michigan and California in the decline of employment for the 10 years ended last month, according to the census data. Job losses in automotive-heavy Michigan hit 790,600 for the period, while California — nearly four times as populous as Michigan and the nation’s largest state — lost 719,600 jobs.

The drop in Ohio private-sector jobs equated to a payroll decline of 12.3 percent in the past decade, or roughly one in every eight jobs that existed in May 2000. That helped send the state’s unemployment rate to 10.7 percent last month from 4.1 percent a decade earlier, according to Ohio Department of Job and Family Services statistics.

Private-sector employment in Ohio last month stood at 4.26 million, down from 4.86 million 10 years earlier.

So, Ohio has lost 1 in 8 jobs since 2000? Ohio got very familiar with the back of the woodshed in the last ten years? Sounds about right. Who doesn't like to be told that their face looks like it hurts after getting punched in the face?

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