Ohioans Really Pumped About Chance to Lose Money Playing Powerball

Powerball lottery winner
  • You have a 1 in 195 million chance of being able to afford this dude's hat.

The multi-state behemoth of Powerball officially comes to Ohio tomorrow, providing the Buckeye State with yet another outlet to satisfy its apparently insatiable appetite to gamble on stuff.

With the Ohio Lottery's litany of games, Keno, scratch offs, Mega Millions, horse tracks, the soon-to-be operational casinos, bingo halls and your friendly local neighborhood game of dominoes, you'd think the market would be pretty saturated. You'd be wrong. We might not have a lot of money, but with what little we have left, we really like to wager. That, and drink. Maybe drink, then wager, then drink again.

Who's excited? Everyone!

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