Ohio's Top Halloween Candy Choice Really Blows

When it comes to selecting Halloween candy (either to give to trick-or-treaters, or for in-home use), Ohio's preferred choice is apparently Blow Pops.

This news comes according to Candy Store, a bulk candy supplier which recently crunched 10 years (2007-2016) worth of their own Halloween candy sales numbers finding the Top 3 sweets choices for each state. The company, attempting to make this study somewhat serious double-checked its data with other candy suppliers and makers. 

But seriously, Blow Pops? Come on, Ohio. While we were far from the only state to choose the hard suckers with terrible bubble gum centers, there are just so many other options. Have you ever heard of a Reese's Cups, the favorite candy of Wyoming, Iowa and Oregon, or Snickers, the best treats according to Kansas, Virginia and Arizona?

The below interactive map features the Top 3 candy sales per state, where you can see that Ohio also likes Hershey's Mini Bars and Milky Way. Check out how each state ranks:
Source: CandyStore.com.
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