Orchestra Story: 'Utterly Ridiculous'

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I DO NOT BELIEVE YOUR ARTICLE!! ["Sour Notes," February 14] This is utterly ridiculous and you will have to officially make an apology for the Cleveland Orchestra administration, CIM, the City of Cleveland, and Mr. Pruecil, if you have any senses at all!! 1. Joshua Roman is definately not Pruecil's student. why? cause he plays the cello. 2. Mr. Rose is one of the best, if not the best, second principals in the world. 3. Yes, lexi would have received favoritism, but music director is the one who makes the final call, and the girl who won the job when lexi auditioned, is definately "youthful and inexperienced" as well. 4. Yes, he hit on Jen. But, he's not an idiot. It is a mutual understanding among all the cim students that she definately did something for him to think that she would respond in his action. 5. I love Martha Aarons and Lev P very much, but how much did you get paid to write this article? 6. You REALLY wanted to be THAT journalist who writes articles to grab attention with trashy, tacky, and untruthful journal like this? Shame on you. You have ashamed my beloved home orchestra, my school, my friends in Cleveland who love Pruecil and everybody accused in the article. It is not just Mr. Pruecil who is hurt, shocked, and angry about this article, but everybody who is mentioned in this article. And it is a blessing that the Cleveland Orchestra has such an amazing concertmaster, who frankly, makes the entire orchestra sound better when he's there! JJ C Philadelphia See more comments on this story, as the classical music world frags one another for your viewing entertainment.
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