OSU Running Contest For All Those Useless Ash Trees Destroyed By Ash Borers

This will be the armrest on a new rocking chair.
  • This will be the armrest on a new rocking chair.

So you've got some ash trees that have been ripped to hell by the vicious and insatiable appetite of the emerald ash borer. You're not alone; Ohio's been ravaged by the little bugger. But what to do with them?

Ohio State has an idea. Make some art. Make something. Make a baseball bat to smash emerald ash borers with. Make anything.

OSU will be holding a contest for the best/most creative use of ash. Just chop down the insect-ravaged timber, spend some time and sweat, then send them a picture.

They've even got a fancy name for the contest: Show Us Your Ash. How risque.

Ash timber may be transformed into furniture, flooring, cabinetry, tool handles, baskets, landscape timers, and of course, baseball bats.

In order to highlight the many ways that ash can be utilized, even as the borer kills trees, the OSU team is asking people to get creative with the extra ash wood and share their images of their handiwork.

“Chainsaw carvings, crafts, furniture, sports implements, and even milled boards used in a building,” said OSU Extension Educator and Ohio State EAB Outreach Team Coordinator Amy Stone. “We want to find out how citizens and businesses are utilizing this hardwood resource to make something valuable and constructive.”

Photographs and links to YouTube videos can be sent to showusyourash @gmail.com; the images will be featured on ashalert.osu.edu.

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