OSU Student Paper Stirs Controversy With Anti-Muslim Ad


Ohio State University’s student paper, the Lantern, is taking heavy criticism from both members of the student body and beyond after the publication ran a controversial ad in this Monday’s issue. The angry and insulted say the paper allowed itself to be a sounding board for racist blather; the paper is waving around the First Amendment. It's made for the kind of free-speech dust-up that gets journalism nerds sweaty at their keyboards. (Guilty). But really, if you look the controversy over with only your Constitutional Rights goggles on, you're going to miss the point.

The copy, which was printed on the second page, was titled “Former Leaders of the Muslim Student Association (MSA): Where are they now?”; the rest of the ad, reproduced above, features the names of past members of the campus student organization with alleged ties to terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda. So yeah, very subtle stuff. The ad is a sales pitch for a pamphlet titled “Muslim Hate Groups On Campus,” written by Daniel Greenfield and printed by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This is one of those far-right groups that think the Koran is the field guide for the complete annihilation of Western Civilization and Israel has been way too soft on the Palestinians.

After the ad ran, the paper was overrun with complaints from students about why the publication would allow a blatantly bigoted ad into its pages.

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