OU, Other Schools, Push for Coed Rooming

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Who wouldnt -- man or woman -- want to room with this guy?
  • Who wouldn't — man or woman — want to room with this guy?

As if you couldn’t sex-up college life enough, some Ohio universities are making the push for coed housing — as in guys and gals sharing the same dorm room. Predictably, opponents say this loosening of standards will hasten the destruction of society as a whole.

The Columbus Dispatch runs down the issue. Over the last 10 years or so, many schools — or at least those on the left-hand side of the spectrum — have introduced “gender neutral” housing features, such as coed dorms (good idea) and unisex hall bathrooms (horrible, horrible idea). Some student activists would like to see the efforts go one step further. College administrators say they’re busy “studying” the issue, whatever that means.

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