Out of Votes to Suppress, Ken Blackwell Becomes Ronald Reagan Fellow

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell.
Just when you thought it was safe, the High Priest of Wacko Republicans returns. Uncle Tom Blackwell, that lovable Secretary of State who did everything in his power to waste your money while keeping you from voting (“Better Dead Than Red,” November 10, 2004) is back. In his latest reincarnation, he’s a fellow—a Ronald Reagan fellow, no less—at the conservative Buckeye Institute for Public Policy in Columbus. There, he gets to sound off on everything from a “faithful” Supreme Court to poor, tax-burdened private equity fund managers. And you, lucky soul, can hear him pontificate in person. The Lakewood Republican Organization has invited him to its fundraiser at the Cleveland Yachting Club this Wednesday. The suggested entrance fee for his VIP reception is $200, almost as much as he used to spend on lunch in Columbus. To make Blackwell most comfortable, attendees are encouraged to pay in large sacks of unmarked bills. For safety reasons, they also should avoid looking directly into his eyes. Welcome back, Uncle Tom. We've missed you dearly. -- Lisa Rab
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