Parent Dressed as Mickey Mouse Causes School Lockdown


There's a routine for visitors who stop by schools, and for good reason. You can't just have anyone waltzing through the doors and getting near our innocent, vulnerable children.

So you have to be buzzed in at the door at most temples of education. Then you're going to have to sign in with a secretary in the principal's office so the school knows who you are and what you're doing there. It's all for safety, and it's all practical.

You are Mr. Jones, and you are here to see your kid, Charlie Jones. OK, got it.

If you, however, sign in looking like a normal person, then abscond to the bathroom and put on a Mickey Mouse outfit to surprise your kid, then take off the costume, folks might begin to wonder just who was in the Mickey Mouse outfit, where the hell they went, and what the hell they wanted. It's the sort of red-alert that might drive a school to lockdown the doors until the Disney character is found.

This lesson in not freaking out school administrators comes from Youngstown. The details via NewsNet5:

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