Parents Teach Boy Lesson by Embarassing Him in Front of Traffic

If you dont shape up young man, this is what you will look like
  • If you don't shape up young man, this is what you will look like

There are many ways a parent can discipline their child when he or she decides to act up. Verbal scolding is a popular choice. Taking away television and internet privileges is another possibility. Grounding your child can also drive the point home. Canton residents Eddie Harris and his wife decided no one of those options were quite creative enough.

Via, after his 14-year-old stepson stole a $20 pair of headphone from a department store, Harris decided that the community should know just how big of a screw up his stepson really is. So Harris got a poster-board and a sharpie, made the boy write down exactly why he decided to steal even though he had the money in his pocket to purchase the headphones, and forced him to stand outside of Harris' barbershop all day, sign in hand. Harris' shop sits by a busy intersection.

That will teach the youngster not to steal again. And if he does, Harris just might tar and feather the kid and drag him through town.

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