Parma Fretting About Junk Collectors (Insert Joke About Parma and Junk Here)

Hey, look! A perfectly good half-carton of milk!
  • Hey, look! A perfectly good half-carton of milk!

It appears the citizens and leaders of Parma are worried about dumpster divers.

Councilman Brian Day brought up the issue at a recent meeting. Apparently there have been multiple complains by residents about those pesky people who rummage through trash on front lawns.

Forgive us, for a second, as we thought no one in Parma threw anything out. At least that's the anecdotal evidence we've collected through multiple visits to Parma abodes where homeowners show a more nuanced and superior packrat mentality than our Depression-era grandparents who saved every margarine container for the last 50 years.

But we digress.

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