Parma Latest City to Nix Fireworks Celebrations

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Welcome to Parmas Fourth of July Celebration. Itll be $1.50 for that sparkler.
  • Welcome to Parma's Fourth of July Celebration. It'll be $1.50 for that sparkler.

Fourth of July 2010 in Cleveland might be a good night to look at the stars, what with all canceled fireworks celebrations across the region and all.

Parma has followed Akron and other cities in canceling expensive, traditional displays of patriot power in the only vein Americans understand — blowing shit up and being loud.

Using some of the exact same quotes that he used in a 2009 written statement, DePiero said: "When it's all said and done, to spend thousands of dollars on fireworks and overtime when we are furloughing employees doesn't make a whole lot of sense."

DePiero said overtime pay for police, fire and other city employees would have pushed the total cost of the event to as much as $60,000. Half of that money, generally donated by residents and businesses, goes toward paying for the fireworks.

The annual parade at 10 a.m. July 3 will go on as usual, he said, explaining that less security is needed for that event.

We're not ones to encourage illegal acts, but... well somebody should buy a bunch of fireworks and stage their own fireworks bonanza this year. We can't very well get drunk on cheap American lager and stuff ten hot dogs down our throats during the day and not having something bright and pretty to look at in the sky at night. That's no way to celebrate America, George Washington, Jesus, or Jesus' fireworks dealer.

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