Patrick Coyne Still Works for Prosecutor's Office, According to Prosecutor's Office Sign

Patrick Coyne hasn't been the director of human resources at the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office since 2007. The former at-large Strongsville City Council member has held a laundry list of posh government jobs, leading Scene's own Kyle Swenson, who snapped the pic below, to dub him the Kenny Lofton of Cuyahoga County politics.

Coyne also padded his resume recently, you'll remember, when he was arrested and charged by the FBI for bribery last week, becoming the latest schmuck to be swept up in the Cuyahoga County corruption parade. (Our favorite tidbit: Coyne allegedly used $15,000 in bribe money on a condo in Marblehead. The real estate company's name: Smuggler's Bay Pointe. How perfect.)

Anyway, you wouldn't be able to tell that Coyne is now persona-indicta if you glanced at the department listings for the Prosecutor's office in the lobby of the Justice Center. Maybe they should look into taking his name down. Just a thought.


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