Patty O'Toole resurfaces

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In June, Patty O'Toole, the former dean of students at Notre Dame College, was indicted for failing to report two sexual assaults on campus to the police. Because of her lack of action, police believe the pervert was able to assault three more students because they didn't know there was a sick bastard on the East Side campus. (See "Hush," May 17.) But two months later, O'Toole was standing on the campus of Rollins University in Roanoke, Virginia, welcoming the freshman class as the school's new dean of students. Though they're probably not advertising the matter to parents or students, spokesman Jeff Hodges says the school has known of the Ohio investigation since last spring, but hired O'Toole nonetheless, believing that consorting with a known criminal with provide students with a valuable learning experience. "We thought she brought to the school a strong background in student affairs and displayed a strong commitment to the campus community," says Hodges. "... Based on the documentation we reviewed and the statements we received, we believe she followed proper protocol in the case. We believe what she did was right. We believe she's going to be exonerated." But Notre Dame police aren't so sure of the Virginia school's conclusion. "She was indicted by a grand jury," says Lieutenant Todd Mitchell. "Had she reported these incidents sooner, there wouldn't have been any more incidents to investigate." -- Rebecca Meiser
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