Peyton Hillis' Hamstring Hurts . . .

You see this face? It hurts to make this face. It also costs money.
  • "You see this face? It hurts to make this face. It also costs money."

. . . like the innocent bedtime dreams of the children at the Boys & Girls Club.

If you haven't heard, the Brown's big question mark injured himself in practice this afternoon. The development looks like it will clear a place on the bench for this Sunday's game in Texas.

Also, this Yahoo Sports article on Hillis has some serious insider info on the locker room upheaval Hillis has sparked throughout the season thanks to the speculations on his injuries and the contract negotiations. Here's a quote from a Brown's player:

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says one Browns veteran. “Last year, Peyton was such a positive, inspirational force on our team — but now he’s like a different guy. It’s like he’s in a funk that he can’t get out of, and it’s killing us, because we really need him. And we’ve told him that. But we’re at the point where we just don’t know what to do.”

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