Pic of the Day: Criminal Found in Dumpster


There are escapes, and then there are Escapes, capitalized because they are so misguided that they need to be highlighted.

James Brienzo, criminal mastermind, decided to try and elude authorities by hopping in a dumpster Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, as detritus in dumpsters tends to do, he ended up in the back of a garbage truck, which is where police found him after receiving a tip.

WOIO reports:

Just before 7 am, Alliance dispatchers received a call from a friend of James Brienzo.

The person stated that he had just received a call from Brienzo that he bad been hiding in a dumpster near the Alliance Wal-Mart but was just picked up and disposed of in a trash truck and needed help.

Alliance Dispatchers as well as Stark County Dispatchers made contact with Brienzo briefly on his cell phone then began utilizing OPS to track his cell phone until officers located the trash truck on N. Walnut at River.

Officers had the truck emptied to recover him.

Brienzo was recovered at the Alliance recycling center at River and Walnut.

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