Pig-dogs Among Us

Letters published March 1, 2006

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Why the world hates America: I am German. When I was a child, the Irish and Italians would call me a Nazi. My dad served in the Marine Corps and landed second wave at Iwo Jima and occupied Sesebo, outside of Nagasaki. I served with the U.S. Army, 101st Airborne Division, and got a Bronze Star Army Commendation Medal & Body Count.

This guy ["Fall of the Fourth Reich," February 15] is a punk. He never served his country. He probably collects weapons because his penis can't handle his anal-retentive mind. This guy is a pig-dog, phony asshole.

Ms. Rab: Thanks for letting us know that "animals" like Erich and Erika Gliebe are complete jerks. I'll lay you odds this cocksucker has never been in combat.

My mother-in-law was in Auschwitz, and the horrors they put her through at 14 years old were obscene! You tell this asshole he's full of shit and a clown.

It's assholes like this that give America a bad name. He's still a jive-assed punk bullshit artist. Get him a passport and ship him away from us.

John Heinrich

Thank you for not exploding: I came across your latest article, "Fall of the Fourth Reich," and was flabbergasted at the audacity of Erich Gliebe and his "organization" (I use the term lightly). I wanted to express my admiration for your ability to be not only informative, but impartial when reporting information that directly conflicts with your views and religious affiliation.

I could rattle on about the repulsive and ignorant behavior of so many who hold their prejudices like a diamond tiara when they live in a country founded by immigrants of all races and religions. If it weren't for so many cultures, these racial-purist idiots wouldn't have a pot to piss in.

I wanted to voice my sincere respect and awe for your ability to not only report the news, but refrain from exploding from the stupidity of some people.

Thank you for not only reporting this story, but doing it with such character and class.

Sarah Batson
Avon Lake

Casting Stones at David
Thus begins another letter-writing feud:
My, what a hero is David Dantes [Letters, "Wake-Up Sneer," February 15]! And how gutsy to hide behind a First Amendment right that has been guaranteed by the blood of others. I imagine it will be hard for family members of David Dantes to figure out just what the most appropriate word will be to put on his headstone when he passes: "pathetic," "cowardly," or "irrelevant"?

Let's face it -- just how relevant to anything humanly good can people like him be when it is obvious he couldn't care less about human rights except when they're his?

George T. Hamilton
Fairview Park

SWM Seeks Hot Sister
Cleveland's men go loveless too:
Hey, Becky, what's with the co-opting of Sex and the City ["Help Wanted," February 8]? Kind of getting Carrie Bradshaw on us, aren't you? A classic case of life imitating film -- right down to the martinis and the Jimmy Choos.

Don't get me wrong -- I feel you. It's no picnic being a single male in this town either. I'm a good-looking, professional guy, and you wouldn't believe the attitude you can get from a "princess" with a 15+ muffin top hanging off her Levi's. Trust me: If you're sweating about a stubborn five pounds, then you're already ahead of the Cleveland curve.

Don't suppose you have a sister?

Dan Esker

Presidential Pardons
Where was the port news?
Scene really let everyone down with the February 23 issue. This used to be a cutting-edge publication, on top of the latest news and trends. Just as the administration is opening up new international "trade" markets, Scene goes old-school on everyone with some organized crime news. That Godfather stuff is so last century!

The President opened up Dubai as a friendly business partner and is encouraging us to be good neighbors. This means the average citizen can now play like the big guys by purchasing gold and laundering money through Dubai hawalas. Dubai is the preferred exchange location for the Taliban, Al-Qaida, Bin Laden, Colombian drug dealers, American executives, and now the average citizen. There was enough time for the reporters to hit the streets and find local hawala locations.

Timing could not be better, with IRS filing deadlines right around the corner. Now is the time to hide gambling winnings, drug money, extra tips, and to turn that 2 percent savings certificate into a bar of gold. If Scene would just get out there and get folks some hawala info, the whole town could hustle cash like Bush and Bin Laden, and bring back the Mr. T look.

Anthony Weishar
Fairview Park

He's the only Dubya we got: Please stop crucifying anything or anybody who has loyalty to our president and start reporting the truth. Whether you like our president or not is inconsequential. You still owe him the respect of the position he holds. What he is receiving now is as bad as if he were one of our enemies. He is not only fighting a war on terror all over the world; he is also fighting for respect in our own country.

The situation with the liberal media condemning everything President Bush and his cabinet does is deplorable. United we stand, divided we will fall.

Marie Becker
Rocky River

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